Oregon Sunstones

Oregon has two official state rocks: sunstones (pictured) are the state gemstones, and thunder eggs are the state rock. In fact, Oregon was the very first state to have an official gemstone, beating out California by two weeks. These beautiful yellowish feldspars, often with copper inclusions, are only found in a couple places in the entire world: Southern Norway, Sweden, and a handful of locations … Continue reading Oregon Sunstones

New Geodes Getting Ready for Bookends

Many of the geodes and rocks the boys and I find are fairly “rough” on the outside, looking like a bubbly mess that popped out of a volcano eons ago (which it often is). But when you slice it open it’s like Christmas to see all the amazing colors and agate formations that are inside. Here’s a recent batch that had some really fun rocks … Continue reading New Geodes Getting Ready for Bookends