About Us

DeckAndLockRocksStaffDeck & Lock Rocks creates heirloom-quality homegoods from one-of-a-kind Oregon rocks. We’re best known for our rock bookends–made primarily out of Eastern Oregon agates, thunder eggs, and petrified wood–and also make complimentary coasters, trivets, magnets and drawer knobs.

Each rock is legally obtained before going through a lengthy, delicate process to create the highest quality products: sawing with a professional-grade rock saw, which can take up to an hour per bookend, buffing through several grades of sandpaper and polish, and for the final finishing touches we add Pendleton wool footers to protect your furniture from scratches. Rock-tumblers full of future drawer pulls and magnets run 24/7 in our shop.

Deck & Lock Rocks is the creation of three generations of West-Coast rockhounds. Mom (Corinna) plans the trips, secures necessary permissions, and does all the creating, marketing, and craft shows. Grandsons (Declan, 9 and Lochlan, 4) are in charge of new ideas, any products that don’t involve huge saws, and craft show assistance. Grandma and Grandpa help with the tricky rock identification and provide excellent shelter in their handmade teardrop trailer. And everyone gets to get dirty and dig.

Contact us at decklandlockrocks@gmail.com with any questions.