Deck & Lock Rocks is best known for its bookends, which proudly feature rocks from Oregon and the surrounding area. Below you’ll find a few samples of our current favorites. Click here to see larger photographs and learn the unique story of each piece.

Lovely rounded blueish agate bookends.   Lovely, rustic petrified wood blookends. A nice, hefty size.




One of our most popular holiday gifts are sets of magnets in Deck & Lock Rocks tins. Each tin contains 4-5 local, tumbled stones backed with super-strong rare-earth magnets.

Oregon Sunstones

From Plush, Oregon, Sunstones are the Oregon state gemstone. Available both polished and raw, sunstones are feldspar that exhibits a brilliant spangled appearance. Found only in Southern Norway, Sweden, and a handful of locations in the U.S. including Oregon, the Vikings used it to locate the sun for navigation. It contains copper, so when rotated the sunstone releases flashes of color.


Oregon Thundereggs

A thunderegg is a nodule-like rock similar to a geode that is formed within volcanic ash layers. They usually contain centers of chalcedony, agate, jasper, opal, or quartz crystals. On March 30, 1965, the thunderegg officially became the Oregon state rock.

According to Native American legend, the rocks are the eggs of the thunderbirds that occupied Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson. Thunder Spirits on the mountains hurled the “eggs” at each other.

Tumbled Rocks

Sometimes the rocks we tumble end up too tiny to make into magnets or other home goods. After years of collecting these tiny rocks we’ve set up a “fill your own bottle” station where you can choose any of the tiny sunstones, jasper, agates and other rocks you’d like to take home in an adorable glass bottle.

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