The Process

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Grinding stone and rocks with various levels of finish.

From start to finish, each Deck & Lock Rocks product takes hours upon hours to create an heirloom quality product you’ll be proud to pass onto future generations.

All our rocks start with a family roadtrip to track down and dig up exquisite, unique rocks from the Pacific Northwest (most from Eastern Oregon).

Back home, after cleaning them up and surveying out bounty, the rocks are sliced open on a professional rock saw. It’s like opening a present to see what each geode might reveal. The process is slow-going, with each cut taking 15-20 minutes, and each bookend, trivet or coaster requiring several cuts.

Then the grinding stones and buffers come out. Thought a multi-step process, starting with a rough grit sandpaper and working our way to polish, each stone slowly develops just the perfect amount of shine.

After one last bath, the rocks are finished with Pendleton wool felt to keep your furniture safe from scratching.

Smaller stones destined for drawer knobs, such as cast agates and obsidian, make their way into our rock tumbler, which runs 24/7 in the shop. Water and grit must be switched out every 24 hours, and the entire tumbling process from start to finish takes 24-30 days. After a bit of hand grinding and/or polishing, these smaller rocks are turned unto drawer knobs with a bit of drilling, epoxy, and high drawer hardware.